AIO Contest Logging Software by WD8KNC
The 16 bit version of AIO NOW FREE. See the download page for instructions.
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The CAT rig (AIOCat) can be downloaded seperately. See instructions on the download page.

Ever wish that your contesting software was GUI or windows based? Well here it is. All In One is the latest in contesting and logging software.

dot.gif (842 bytes)Windows Application
dot.gif (842 bytes)Multiple pre-defined contests
dot.gif (842 bytes)New contests can be defined by user.
dot.gif (842 bytes)For you SDR fans it interfaces with PowerSDR/IF
dot.gif (842 bytes)Merge multiple Cabrilo files into one.
dot.gif (842 bytes)CAT interface can control up to seven rigs with different addresses and eight rigs via comm ports
dot.gif (842 bytes)CAT Rig functions can be defined by user
dot.gif (842 bytes)ASCII/HEX monitor for setting up CAT Rig.
dot.gif (842 bytes)Control up to 16 external devices with the parallel control window.
dot.gif (842 bytes)Packet window to TNC and packet cluster or use Telnet via the Web.
dot.gif (842 bytes)2 Telnet windows, One for  normal cluster and one for CW Skimmer.
dot.gif (842 bytes)Digitial modes can get the audio from VAC
dot.gif (842 bytes)Integreates easily with CW Skimmer via virtual com port
dot.gif (842 bytes)Supports Voice Synthesis. interfaces with the ReadPlease Plus voice synthesis program or 32 bit version comes with TTS engine.
dot.gif (842 bytes)Supports Voice Keying using sound card
dot.gif (842 bytes)Supports CW Keying using the parallel or serial port interfaced to your transceiver (Virtual serial ports via the USB port are supported). Paddle support also available.
dot.gif (842 bytes)Supports many data modes such as RTTY, BPSK etc. User defined interface works with programs like MMTTY, HamScope, Digipan etc.It will most likely work with your favorite software. 32 bit version suipports many digital modes including SSTV
dot.gif (842 bytes)Contest practice mode.
dot.gif (842 bytes)Simultated pileup when in the CW contest practice mode.
dot.gif (842 bytes)Net Control Mode
dot.gif (842 bytes)Visually Impaired Support
dot.gif (842 bytes)CW keying using keyboard or function keys or winkey.
dot.gif (842 bytes)Sprint Mode (response changes after every contact)
dot.gif (842 bytes)Read files and send practice CW
dot.gif (842 bytes)DX Spotting using packet cluster via TNC or Telnet
dot.gif (842 bytes)Works with W6ELProp to predict communications with spots
dot.gif (842 bytes)Supports Cabrillo file format
dot.gif (842 bytes)Print log, dupe sheets, and multiple reports
dot.gif (842 bytes)Interface with QRZ data base for call lookup.  Downloadable from the download page. (Over one million entries)
dot.gif (842 bytes)Export ADIF file
dot.gif (842 bytes)Supports Winkeyer and SO2R
dot.gif (842 bytes)Partial Call lookup
dot.gif (842 bytes)Change CW speed within function call. Each word could be sent at a different speed automatically
dot.gif (842 bytes)Short wave listening data base
dot.gif (842 bytes)Short wave scan mode
dot.gif (842 bytes)Point and click bearing, grid, longitude, latitude, and distance calculator
dot.gif (842 bytes)Graphic display of contacts on world, and US maps
dot.gif (842 bytes)Graphic display of grid, zone contacts on US map
dot.gif (842 bytes)Graphic display of DX Spots on world  map
dot.gif (842 bytes)Automatically tunes your rig to the correct frequency, turns your antenna, selects the correct beverage antenna, and enters the call in the log when you click on a spot on one of the graphic displays.
dot.gif (842 bytes)Print QSL labels plus many reports.
dot.gif (842 bytes)Search and pounce made easy.

NOTE: The demos show that entry is directly into the log however the program has been changed so there is now a seperate moveable entry screen as shown above.

AIO Now works with PowerSDR/IF
      powersdr.jpg (121817 bytes)